Router Bridging With Draytek Vigor 130

- A Simple Guide To Establishing A Connection

[Draytek Vigor 2830n // Draytek Vigor 130 for VDSL to ADSL client] The guides on how to use a router bridge, namely a Draytek Vigor 130, to connect an ADSL client to VDSL are not very clear or, more accurately in most cases, downright misleading. This is a simple guide on how to connect an ADSL router to a brige device for VDSL internet.

Hardware Configuration: Device Configuration:
- Draytek Vigor 130 - Draytek Vigor 2830n That's it: if all has gone as it should then you should have now have a PPoE connection from the router to the bridge, and internet access from an ADSL client via a VDSL bridge device.


The Draytek Vigor 130 bridge supports both IPv4 and IPv6, but the service speed may be affected by networking speed limitations on the router side in the case of high-speed fibre internet services. It should also be noted that using a bridge will make the connection slightly laggy and not as smooth or consistent as it would be using a VDSL router and no bridge.

Most browsers, especially Firefox, do not work well with the configuration interface for this device and will frequently time-out or fail to connect, so it can be helpful to: Note to the pedantic: this method of bridging is actually called PPoE-Passthrough and is not true bridging which, as I understand it, would require the use of the MPoA alternative method.

*ADSL service will not run over VDSL and vice-versa, ie: it is not possible to have ADSL or VDSL fallback on the same service line outside of service provider reversions.

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