Pinnacle Game Profiler contains a Firefox browser-hijacker. The hijacker drops files into the main Firefox directory on the target machine and creates two additional folders, one a working directory, before utilising a portable version of the Firefox browser in which to re-direct the user's browsing activity.

The website has been contacted about this, but has declined to respond, despite the software being hosted on their website and presumably therefore under their control. PGP is also under (re-)development as Padstarr ...and no, this is not an attempt to promote other (legitimate) gamepad re-mapping software, - PGP, several versions ago, used to work and the install file was malware-free (although there were comments on some forums regarding card-details and log-in credentials being stolen via this software); now it will cause a valid alert with any decent anti-virus software and should be avoided (especially if you use Firefox).

- Awst 2018

- @: Ex5NY27U

- secure email address as detailed above -

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