[Grim Dawn Ashes of Malmouth, Windows 7 x64] GD-Edit is a simple, command-line, application to enable players to edit their save game file, reset their devotion points, and generally alter almost anything that can be found in their .gdc save game file, except resetting class selections (which requires GD Defiler), quest choices, and map location information.

The problem? - GD-Edit is quite particular about file locations, so whilst the program does not have to be able to locate the game in order for it to be used to make character edits to a save game file, it does if it is to be used to, for example, add items to a player's inventory.

A Strange Key is one item that many players have issues with: it can be obtained from Direni at Devil's Crossing if the player is prepared to keep their secret, or there is supposed to be a small (as in infinitisimal) chance for it to drop from a cultist around the area of the hideout it opens; so to avoid spending the next year running around Burrwich a player could use the following instead:
  1. download GD-Edit, and copy the files to a directory in C:\

  2. ensure that the Steam client software is installed [GD-Edit checks for the presence of Steam and uses the Steam registry entries to determine where the Grim Dawn game is installed].

  3. ensure that the game files (or a copy of the game files, and regardless of whether Grim Dawn or Grim Dawn Ashes of Malmouth) are installed under Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Grim Dawn. Even if the actual game is installed elsewhere, GD-Edit requires that the game files [a copy of them, at least] are also locatable in the location given by Steam [typically that shown above] in its regsitry entries.

    Note: Steam's registry entries are sometimes altered by game platforms and 'alternative' software in order to prevent conflicts or VAC bans, so if in doubt check with this sample registry file. SteamExe and SteamPath can normally both be cleared (in the event of containing hopelessly mangled entries) and will be re-populated on re-starting the Steam client.

  4. ensure that the .gdc save game [or a copy of] can be found under: C:\Users\%Username%\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\main\_%PlayerName% [note: it will be necessary after editing to copy these to your actual save game location, if not this location].

  5. GD-Edit should now start without any warnings or complaints about missing directories or not being able to find the game directory.

  6. set inv/0/items "A Strange Key" 1 could then be entered at the command line, followed by w (if everything works and displays as expected), and that would be all that a player would need to do in order to have the quest key added to their main inventory.
GD-Edit does not require that the Steam client be active in order to make file edits or in order to be used; further, as can be seen above (and in the Grim Dawn item database), item names can be used as they would be seen [ie: they do not need to be entered as a number, hex value, or in Some_Horrible-typeOf:Value format]. A very helpful FAQ can also be found on the Github pages.

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