Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

- A Simple Game and Tactics Guide

Do not burden the player character with provisions: the player character's inventory is better used for carrying incenses, perfumes, empty flasks (which the pawns will invariably fill with water, otherwise), oil flasks (which the self-same pawns will otherwise waste in their attempts to flash-fry every last goblin or wolf they stumble upon), or anything else which will otherwise end-up being completely wasted (eg: absorbent rag).

In order to avoid unecessary cost, and wasting valuable components, enhancing armour and weapons is best left to later on in the game (or until the party is strong enough to take on the more distant escort tasks); and support pawns need to be regularly changed, anyway, as they do not level up (unlike the main pawn), so there is no need to waste money on enhancing their equipment. If there is an intention to change the player character's vocation, care should also be taken not to waste rare or extremely valuable components on enhancing items that the player will no longer be able to use or which they will not be using, in preference to something else (in the case of weapons, for example).

Basic training (camp training and not the quests, and only if undertaken) is virtually impossible without enlisting the full allowance of two support pawns (focus the player on grabbing a crate from one of the back platforms, then the two props on the back scaffold and, finally, one red shield en route and the same again). Off With Its Head can be quickly and easily completed by climbing onto the hydra and attacking just below one of the heads (with no need for Mercedes' intervention with the gunpowder). Also, complete Lure of the Abyss (the initial Everfall quest) as soon as possible upon reaching Gran Soren (but not before completing Lost and Found or Dying of Curiosity), as this yields some decent treasure plus a port crystal. The ogre can be avoided, but a hard fight with harpies and a good many undead, including skeletons, can not (if you intend to avoid fighting the ogre, at least). Unusually, it is also possible to teleport out of the area after discovering the problem.

All core skills and augments for a given vocation need to be learned in order fully realise a vocation's potential prior to switching that vocation to another; likewise, any vocation-specific skills become obsolete after switching to a different vocation, and learning combination weapon skills is pointless unless or until a character becomes proficient in both weapon sets through vocation changes. This also means that it can be pointless learning vocation-specific skills when those skill points could be better spent on acquiring core skills and augments earlier on in the game and, in the process, leaving more points available for a repeat of the same process with later vocation choices.

A useful, but as yet incomplete, list of combinable items can be downloaded via this link. .odt is a standard open source text-editing format and can be opened using LibreOffice (PC, Mac, and Linux) or ODT Viewer ...and, yes, there are wiki lists, but they are not easy to edit or to print out for use as an in-game reference source.

Queen's armour (or the BPBT: Big Pink Bell Tent) is a total immersion-breaking horror. - I could understand the addition of high-quality field armour based on something originally crafted for royalty; but an outfit presumably intended for royalty, which would never normally be found anywhere outside of the royal wardrobe ...and, just to really take the piss, the best all-round armour in the entire game??

- Admittedly, the jester's hat (a hideous turquoise-coloured horror), is almost as bad; so kudos to those players who dispense with such monstrosities and kit their pawns out with sensible equipment and proper names; and who also know how to maximise their pawn vocations to be lethal in all trades as opposed to jack of all and master of none.

Another glaring oversight in the game is the total lack of weather (despite mention of storms and storm damage in the game) and the Arisen not using their home in Cassardis, instead preferring to pay upto 500 gold to stay at an inn. - Surely it would have made more sense, if wanting the player to always stay at inns, to have destroyed the Arisen's home during the dragon attack (plus it would have saved the Arisen any angst from knowing that they had left their everburning hearth to burn the house and inn down, ruining their only decent cauldron in the process)?

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Service Unavailable: this is an ongoing issue that appears to now be ongoing to the point of being permanent (and not simply for xBox 360 users), if you are playing a Gog version of the game (it is still possible to connect to the Capcom servers using Steam, but there is no crossover of user pawns; so players switching to Steam will no longer be able to call upon their Gog favourites).

The language of Dragon's Dogma down to, and including, the theme song is supposed to be Old English (although their oft overdone usage of aught is questionable), and cos in English is a name given to a variety of lettuce, so pr'ythee do tell why is all spelling within the game American-English? - Moldy Berry (including the plural form?) - forsooth!!

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