- list of businesses which collect plastic waste for milling and turning into other products, eg: the venture in Cornwall which mills plastic recovered from the sea and turns it into kayaks [ https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-devon-42804681 ] or the company that mills waste plastic for use in road coverings [ https://www.macrebur.com/ ] [ https://resource.co/article/recycled-plastic-road-surface-trialled-enfield-council-12444 ], and raising awareness of these companies or involving them in the campaigns and projects?

- many items refused for collection, especially HDPE, Grades 2 and 5 - the worst of the plastic grades for biodegradability, - also bakelite or similar (faceplates, et alia) and much building / decorating / construction plastics.

- many councils allowing their waste contractors to water-down their recycling plans and, in some cases, no longer conducting kerbside recycling; not to mention failing to provide any collection arrangements for people with limited means or no private transport beyond very limited bulk waste collections.

- arrangements made outside of council waste collection to send plastic directly to those who would use it in their production processes, especially bearing in mind that some of these have already openly appealed for sources of plastic waste in order to further production?

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