These links have been provided in response to the inability of the usual campaign groups to provide bare links for use on decentralized social media platforms (eg: Mastodon) and for promoting campaigns outside of Twitter and "WoZ (AKA World of Zuckerberg), Friend of The Orange Blimp".

Save Bees and Farmers [EU]

[FoTE:] Shape the Future of our Countryside Petition (for those who care about Pangolins and the wildlife and conservation of lesser-known endangered species).

Campaign Groups:

Corporate Europe Observatory


Cut Fossil Fuels Out of Our Politics
We Demand #FossilFreePolitics
COP25 Bankrolled By Big Polluters
Don’t let industrial farming and corporate lobbies use the COVID-19 crisis to defend continued pesticide use
The European Stability Mechanism (ESM): no democracy at the bailout fund
'Better Regulation': corporate-friendly deregulation in disguise
Chemical nations: how member states defend their dirty industries
Saving Czech – and European – democracy: the EU must put the brakes on ‘mafia-style’ oligarchy

ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement)
Red carpet courts: 10 stories of how the rich and powerful hijacked justice
10 ISDS Stories
ISDS Primer
Stop ISDS TAKE ACTION: Strike a blow against corporate power in 2019 [ and even more relevant in 2020 with further corporate court arrangements under deveopment ] How ISDS corporate privileges risk to undermine community struggles Silent Expansion [ECT (Energy Charter Treaty)]

energy charter treaty

Post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal based on CETA would be bad news Health, Environmental and Climate, are not negotiable. A fast-track to weaker Food standards

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