COVID-19 - An Insidious Method of Control

- Containing Freedom of Expression through the Manipulation of
- Ignorance and Apathy

COVID-19 is a coronavirus.
Flu (everyday common flu of the type that millions of people suffer from, - and survive, - every year) is a coronavirus.
Vaccine created using cells from fœtuses. Yes, - no conspiracy theory, - the vaccines are created using cells taken from human fœtuses (although other animal fœtuses, - including those of pigs, - a possibility) ...and, yes, there are ethical considerations in this, not least because some pharmaceautical companies are not above sourcing their fœtuses through questionable methods involving supposed "medical research" or financial incentives; usually, but not always, in developing countries.
It is also interesting, albeit speculative, that the COVID-19 variant appeared to have originated in China, which also stands accused of genocidal activities involving millions of Uighars ...and claims of forced sterilization and birth control.

The oft-touted vaccine uses gene-modification to replicate cells in the human body of the type that would fight COVID cells. In other words, making those who are vaccinated into genetically-modified humans using a technology that typically takes several generations of research and testing to perfect for each and every modification that is attempted. Outside of setting a precedent for research that has typically (and with good reason) previously been banned or heavily restricted (including human cloning), this also raises some interesting questions, such as:
  1. how is it that all the major pharmaceutical companies around the world were suddenly able to put together a vaccine that typically takes 10-20 years of research and development in the space of just one year (genetic modification is not 'typical' R&D, - it is complex and extremely costly, with major legislative controls)? ...and how is it that there were no contests over licensing? - Pharmaceutical companies are not noted for compassionate co-operation, or co-operation of any kind for that matter, because each license to produce a vaccine or medication is potentially worth billions of pounds and is, thus, not something they want to be sharing.

  2. how has this 'vaccine' been tested? - It is very notable that reports of the vaccine seem to have originated in China and Russia, neither country noted for their exemplary human rights records.

  3. how can a vaccine possibly be classed as being safe (especially one using gene-modification) in the space of just one year? - Unless the precursor research and development behind this vaccine has been around for a lot longer than is generally known (and that, in itself, raises the question of "why, and what for?"), this vaccine is no more or less safe than Thalidomide was when it was first released onto the market in the 1960s².

  4. why are healthcare organisations in the UK being allowed to force vaccination on our healthcare professionals with the threat of redundancy or being disallowed to practise in the event of a refusal to be vaccinated? This is immoral, a breach of our human rights, and is a complete failure by our government to protect worker rights. No-one should have to be vaccinated against their will, not least because the vaccine cannot be shown to be fully tested, safe, or compliant with standard requirements for release or availability outside of a test environment.
The publicized COVID-19¹ infection and death figures are completely inaccurate and massively inflated, with daily (verifiable) cases of people dying of injuries and other illnesses (including suicides) who are being classed as having succumbed to COVID even though their deaths were nothing to do with COVID and despite showing absolutely no symptoms.

Of those supposedly hospitalized with the illness it is also clear that the majority of them are not actually in any real danger of dying from COVID and have simply been hopitalized as a COVID patient as a precautionary measure, again feeding into the illusion that COVID is far more dangerous and prevalent than it actually is (and conveniently making it easier to deliberately mis-classify their death as being a result of COVID in the event of them dying from whatever their actual condition is, - especially if they, - most unfortunately, - die as a result of contracting COVID due to being needlessly hopitalized or hospitalized with those who actually are displaying COVID symptoms).

The so-called Nightingale Hospitals (which certainly profited more than a few government contractors) are still stood empty, with most people happily accepting the complete lie that there are no staff available to operate them (there are, but the NHS, for one, has been actively making staff redundant and has no intention of staffing the Nightingale Hospitals); which, in itself, lends credence to the whole COVID pandemic (in the UK, at least) being a complete and total fiction.

All this would appear to be part of the government's "scare tactics" to 'justify' the ongoing abuse of human rights and implementation of tiers and lockdowns, and can be verified through the study of available data on the ONS (Office of National Statistics) website [ ]; for certain in the case of dementia, alzheimers, and heart-attacks (the three largest causes of death in the UK).

In simple terms this also means that there is absolutely no need to comply with the tiers or lockdowns and every good reason to:
  1. dispense with all the PPE and like nonsense: it will not protect you and there is growing evidence to show that face-masks, in particular, actually increase the likelihood of contracting COVID.

  2. take the government (and especially their advisors) to task for causing unecessary hardship, suffering, and supression of basic human rights.

  3. Take back the streets and fight the lies and misinformation.

Fruitbowl Spread: one mouldy fruit causes others to become likewise infected, and one fruit in the bowl will usually not succumb, or to much less an extent, until much later on than the original onset; hence areas with low infection rates developing into hotspots much later on. If valid, this is likely to manifest itself following the easing of lockdowns, as areas that have, so far, remained with low figures suddenly developing bad clusters or becoming new hotspots and is likely to include counties like Ceredigion (Cymru) and countries like Greece as they open their borders and welcome visitors into a 'safe' country with, to date, few COVID cases and a very low level of deaths.

Majority Asymtomatic? - Countries with high incidence, or cluster incidencies, developing more asymtomatic carriers, thereby becoming 'unsafe' regardless of how low case figures drop? - This could explain how countries who believe their situation to be under control, eg: Spain, are becoming major hotspots again: their initial outbreak was considerable, giving rise to a much higher level of asymtomatics, thereby ensuring almost certain transmissions following the removal of travel restrictions and subsequent influx of visitors and tourists. If true, this could mean that a true return of tourism, possibly other sectors too, could be impossible to maintain until such time as asymtomatics can be properly identified, isolated, and treated, especially if the virus is capable of indefinite, and indeterminate, lifespan within a suitable asymtomatic host.

Looking to be more a case of the virus being "generally present and persistent" in all areas, with people and animals carrying it and remaining free of symptoms; so could the virus be considered to be radioactive in nature, in that there is blanket alpha being carried by people and animals that remains harmless, save for the sick or most vulnerable, except where people gather in large numbers (including the locations where they gather)?
This would also mean that public transport can be considered to be unsafe in that it typically constitutes a small enclosed environment with potentially large numbers of people and is only usually cleaned once a day, either at the start or end of the day.

Hot or cold? inconclusive, yet assumptions still being made that COVID has a preference for cooler conditions, even though it clearly thrives in warm environments (UK, France, Spain, and Italy during recent heatwaves).

Spreading or resisting? - My thoughts on the matter are that COVID-19 is massively prevalent and that it has been for quite some time. Also of note are a whole series of related coronaviruses, including SARS, MERS, Swine and Bird flu, and that the areas being most adversely affected by the current COVID-19 include areas where those COVID variants have previously had a noticeable impact.
If valid, this would mean that there is no real concern over catching COVID-19 because the odds are heavily in favour of a person already having it, with people only becoming ill, exhibiting symptoms, and sometimes dying, if their system attempts to fight or resist it, or if their system no longer has the capacity to accommodate the modifications (eg: the elderly or those who are suffering from certain illnesses). The extensive range of symptoms exhibited by various people also supports this (ie: the symptoms are not standard - they vary widely and from person to person, such as would be expected were that person's system under attack from something with the potential to cause widepread systemic changes and, more curiously, DNA modifications); although mutations of the original virus could also be a factor in this.
In children, their immune systems usually being more resilient, could such resistance potentially be creating a backlash sufficient to be the cause of the Toxic Death Syndrome fatalities, even in cases exhibiting no recognized COVID symptoms? Could this, attempts at resisting the DNA modification, also explain BAME and other countries with adverse / disproportionate spread / distribution patterns and rare genetic illnesses in some patients who have succumbed but who have also managed to survive?
Overcrowding and high population densities a factor; also, although not acknowledged, all the hotspot areas (eg: Castell-Nedd, Cymru) are areas with high particulate pollution levels, both industrial and as a result of road infrastructure.

The emergence of so-called "Long COVID", in relation to the rare genetic illnesses (the subject of which seems to have gone quiet just lately) and TDS (Toxic Death Syndrome) is interesting. Linked? Reaction to what, specifically? Also, if these, especially TDS, are happening in response to the virus, is this going to create further adverse responses to the vaccine? - Unless we can be more certain of the virus and what, specifically, is causing the adverse responses, vaccination could potentially be fatal or leave people permanently damaged as a result of being vaccinated (not to mention, ironically, more susceptible to being killed by the COVID virus).

Inability to become re-infected? Given the scenario in this article, it makes perfect sense that people should become re-infected, as anyone who manages to fend-off the infection, regardless of personal conditions, is liable to be re-infected following any new contact with the 'virus' until the point where either they die or their system is successfully compromised.

Previous COVID illnesses (MERS / Bird Flu / Swine Flu): appears to be no full public disclosure on either. Any indications of similar impacts on a DNA level? Situation with those who have previously caught either of these? Any of these cases with new COVID? Observations?

Spread within self-isolation? Biting insects most likely culprit? Lockdown with pets / working with animals, - fleas, ticks, horseflies, midges, gnats, mosquitoes all physically transfer blood from host to host and could, thus, most certainly be responsible for hospitalization of people who have been rigourously observing lockdown precautions, even if using PPE; also major potential for multiple infections and death within family units and other group arrangements.

Animals? - Cases have been noted in several species, most notably cats, with livestock a distinct possibility. - To date infections appear to be one-way: transferable to the animal but not the other way, and having minimal observable effect on the animal. Could this be a case of carrier, not payload, transfer and could this create a situation of reverse contagion with illnesses not usually transfered, or transferable, to humans becoming a new TB?

Farmers vs. outdoor persuits enthusiasts? Nothing to date to suggest that farmers are succumbing to the illness any more than anyone else, which, given my thoughts on the above, is not surprising: they (and their families) will already have the illness to much the same extent as everyone else, and will have more to worry about in relation to COVID in their animals than other people: when a definite two-way transmission, is identified in livestock, - a matter of time only, - it is likely to make the foot and mouth epidemic and destruction of millions of mink look positively small in comparison.

¹ the usage of COVID in this article is in reference to COVID-19, except where stated otherwise.

² of even greater concern is the fact that the vaccine actually works in a very similar way to Thalidomide, even to the extent of replicating, or mimicking, the behaviour of that drug. This is definitely something requiring further investigation and could be the reason why all the pharmaceutical companies were so readily able to release their own variants with so little conflict in such a small space of time: by re-hashing something that has already killed, or left permanently retarded, upwards of 10,000 people.

[ with thanks to mum, - I know you never read these articles, but your input is appreciated regardless ]


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