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Media Evidence - Tomen Lechi Taldrwst

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Tomen Lechi Taldrwst, Tanrallt, Talysarn, Gwynedd LL54 6RR

Site Operator: D & E Jones [ Ty Mawr West Limited - Ty Mawr West Recycling Limited ], Glaslyn, Tai Nantlle, Nantlle. LL54 6BE: Tŷ Mawr West Quarry, Nantlle1

The landowner is given in the planning documentation [C19/0184/22/AC] as being Lowri Williams of Tre'r Ceiri, Llwyn Ceirios, Caernarfon, whilst the applicant is Robert Pritchard of Taldrwst Farm, Llanllyfni, LL54 6RR. The site is being worked by various groups or individuals, including other local farms.

C17/0973/22/MW. Note: the following associated planning applications should also be taken into consideration: C16/0796/22/TC, C18/1076/22/MW, C19/0184/22/AC.

C13/0217/22/MW* and C13/1052/22/MW** are given here as additional reference resources.

Grid Ref: 248447,352019

Site Situation: permission given to infill an extraction pit and to remove a slate waste tip according to site CEMP as detailed in the planning documentation; however, the current level of overspread, including two staging areas (one well outside of the main development area) definitely exceeds the two hectares allowed by the original GDPO application, in addition to contravening DoWCoP, CL:AIRE MMP (whichever applicable) and site CEMP, quite aside from further damage and destruction of habitat to and around those areas2.

Waste Carriers License or Permit: none
CL:AiRE DoW:CoP: declared for the infilling of the pit, but not for the tip removal

[06.02.2020] Final infilling of the extraction pit (sans dewatering, - literally just flushing the remaining 100m3 or so of heavily polluted water into the surrounding earth and out into the surrounding fenland and water courses through dumping earth into the pit with an excavator).

These photographs (and several videos still to be added) were taken following the site applicant's decision to adopt a policy of attempting to attack anyone they do not want observing their site activities (even those simply wishing to use the public right of way across the site). However, as can be clearly seen, the best shots of the site can actually be obtained from areas around, and outside of, the site.

The second photo shows the site foreman's van, the site foreman being in the process of addressing the excavator operator and telling them to desist from dumping earth (freshly delivered by O J Jones "Not Tipping!" & Son Limited and D&E Haulage) into the excavation pit whilst they are being photographed or filmed.

The depression to the right of the third photograph shows what remains of the extraction pit, whilst the excavator is in the process of infilling that using fresh loads of earth being brought onto the site by the above hauliers.

It should be noted that whilst there was always an intention to infil the pit, with provision to allow material to be brought onto the site expressly for that purpose, dewatering and removal of any artifacts from the pit was also supposed to be part of that process, only the dewatering was abandoned in October of last year following ongoing rainfall and complaints about the pump being left on through the night, and the pit was subsequently never fully dewatered or checked for artifacts; so site CEMP has been broken in respect to HGVs being on the site and no dewatering of the pit or removal of artifacts, whilst the results of the latter are in breach of CEMP, DoW:CoP, and Natural Resources Wales guidelines on water pollution (ie: a prosecutable environmental crime in itself).

[04.02.2020] The return of O J Jones "Not Tipping!" & Son Limited ...and another load of soil being taken onto the site for direct tipping into the extraction pit. This is currently ongoing throughout the day, every day.

[23.01.2020] Piles of soil being brought onto the site and edge-tipped direct into the extraction pit. These loads of soil (which look to be anything but clean or uncontaminated) are being brought to the site on an ongoing, daily, basis by the hauliers already previously mentioned.

[22.01.2020] Every last effort made to avoid unecessary damage or pollution (especially of the water table) [ Epic fail ].

[18.01.2020] 9 pallet boxes // ~40 pallets. - Doubtless available soon from Inigo Jones, Snowdonia Slate, or your local landscaping centre. - Genuine particulate-pollution-laced wall pieces from Penygroes car-park!

These were originally taken to the Tŷ Mawr West quarry recycling centre as a waste product. Transferring the material to Tomen Lechi Taldrwst will have necessitated an arrangement between D & E Jones (the site operator) and Robert Pritchard (the applicant), - most likely with a view to increasing the resale value of the waste, whilst hiding quota levels, and obfuscating declared profits, - and is unquestionably a breach of waste permit, or DoW:CoP, in both locations, nevermind further contravention of site CEMP.

[02.12.2019] "Hand-picked" slate, anyone? Perhaps something got lost in the translation? This was filmed during the razing, clearing, and creation of the second staging area that was deliberately built out over the watershed area outside and below the main development area.

[02.12.2019] O J Jones "Not Tipping!" & Son Limited: regularly seen on the site, most recently captured on the 3rd. February talking to the site applicant, Mr Pritchard, onsite and by the extraction pit.

[02.12.2019] The second staging area below the main development site and to the north of the haul track. It can be clearly seen that an excavator was used to level this off, pushing any excess material directly onto the watershed fenland area in the process, during which the two JCB tractors - red and blue construction dump trailers working the Bontnewydd Bypass route - were loaded with material for forward shipment off the site (doubtless with loads similarly being removed by the HGVs - D&E Haulage and and O J Jones & Son Limited - at the same time).

[26.11.2019] Remember site CEMP: no HGVs on site (obviously clearly understood).

[26.11.2019] The Security Detterent [ a most formidable and ferocious beast ].

[26.11.2019] Note the cone: this moves around a bit, but will either be at the foot of the lane or at the gateway and is used as a location marker for the site or the turnoff and can be useful indicator of site activity.


* contains a biodiversity report on a similar site in Llanllyfni (maybe a mile distant from the development site), highlighting inconsistencies in the planning procedures in which the advice of the council's Biodiversity Department was accorded some weight and acted upon in the case of the Llanllyfni site, but as good as disregarded in the case of the slate tip removal beyond recommendations that the applicant have various surveys carried-out and take preventative measures to avoid harming any protected wildlife, in the sure knowledge that neither are ever likely to happen after Gwynedd's Local Planning Authority made clear their total disregard of the bio-diversity status of the site during the planning approval process.

** this is an earlier application on the same site (one that was denied following public consultation), but the documentation includes some interesting submissions, including a comprehensive Archæology report covering the tip removal site.

1 D & E Jones (D & E simply being a reference to Dafydd & Ellis) of Glaslyn, Tai Nantlle is the operator of all the sites, excepting only that of Tyn y Weirglodd Quarry (which is operated by Welsh Slate Limited), and is also, in turn, not only director of Ty Mawr West Limited but also Ty Mawr West Recycling Limited. In short, they are the primary controlling party behind every one but one of the sites along the Dorothea Quarry - Llanllyfni ridgeline.

2 Some allowance also needs to be accorded to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recommendations, but nothing on a level that would match the scale of damage or destruction present in some areas of the site (specifically, south of the main development area and north of the haul track before reaching the main site) or which would involve or necessitate the deliberate dumping of stone, mineral waste, and soil on watershed wetland area or crushed rock onto the main development site to overspread that into additional wetland area, in both cases contrary to DoWCoP or CL:AIRE MMP and to provide staging areas for activities that are neither permitted by site CEMP or at all necessary beyond illegally using the site as a staging area for other activities.

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