Yet More Greed and Wanton Habitat Destruction in Dyffryn Nantlle, Gwynedd, North Wales

- A Destructive Practice of Ignorance For Ever More Land, Sheep, and Payments...

With Thanks. - This article has been compiled with contributions from several people, whose names and locations have been with-held at their request. To all of them I would say that whilst we may have fun interpreting each other's spoken language, your contributions are both valued and appreciated, so diolch i fawr to all of you, including Hywel Williams, AS, Plaid Cymru, who has kindly written to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) in relation to this matter and Lesley Griffiths AM | AC - Gweinidog yr Amgylchedd, Ynni a Materion Gwledig [ Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs ].

I also apologise for the site not being in Cymreig, but in the interests of those who prefer their language not to be uniformly murdered it is probably best that way (for now, at least).

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DC 1847 Eryl Lloyd, Environmental Crime Officer [ Swyddog Troseddau Amgylcheddol ] is part of the Rural Crime Team [ Tim Troseddau Cefn Gwlad ] of North Wales Police [ Heddlu Gogledd Cymru ], and I am certain that he would appreciate confirmation of the otters in the River Llyfni [ Afon Llyfni ] from anyone fortunate enough to have actually seen them, especially prior to the destruction of the fenland area.

The 'Farmers' of the Destroyed Fenland have now had sanctions applied against them by the Rural Inspectorate Wales.

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